Lorain High School Yearbooks

The Lorain Yearbook Collection consists of annual books containing the events and happenings throughout the Lorain city school year. The books include administrative photos, class lists and photos, club photos, and candid's.
The Lorain city schools collection consists of five schools. The first Lorain High was opened in 1875. It was the only high school until 1961 when Admiral King opened. In 1995 the two schools merged. In 1969 Southview High was opened. In 2010 both of the remaining city schools merged into one Lorain High and changed their name to the Titans.
Clearview High school was built in 1923 and included grades 4-12. The student body consists of children from the cities of Lorain and Sheffield Township, Oh.
Lorain Catholic High School served as a Catholic School in Lorain from 1969-2004.
The physical collection is held at the Lorain High School and Lorain Public Library. Books not in the library collection were borrowed for digitization by Lorain Public Library.

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